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EXO Crimp Tool with EXO-EX Die

Product ID: PT-100061C
EXO Crimp Tool with EXO-EX Die


The patented EXO Crimp Frame® with EXO-EX Die™ was developed to terminate larger cables and conductors (typically Cat6/6a). EXO Crimp Frame with EXO-EX Die™ is designed for the ezEX-RJ45® connectors. The ezEX-RJ45 connectors are an RJ45 pass through connector, developed for larger cables and conductors. Integrated Hi-Lo stagger for improved performance, one piece design pass through system. The EXO Crimp Frame has a patented push button lock, ergonomic TPR handles and works with the EZ-RJ45® Die for terminating EZ-RJ45 connectors.


  • Single cycle crimp and flush trim
  • EXO Die™ is easily interchangeable
  • Reversible EXO Die™ for ambidextrous operation
  • Connectors lock into tool for correct positioning during crimp
  • Push button lock for easy storage
  • Ergonomic comfort grip TPR handles
  • Includes EXO-EX Die™ for crimping ezEX™44 and ezEX™48 connectors
  • Terminates larger cables and conducts Cat6 and Cat6A


This tool is designed for use with the ezEX-RJ45® connectors.

Introduction Video: ezEX-RJ45™ Termination System

How To Video: Replace EXO™ Crimp Frame Replacement Blades

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