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50W x 2 Stereo Power Amplifier, Class D

Product ID: LUX-AMP-1002
50W x 2 Stereo Power Amplifier, Class D


This LUXI product is a thin, lightweight and versatile power amp. At only 1 inch in height, this amp can fit behind most modern flat panel TVs, under tables or any other tight spaces. This tiny amp can output more than 100W of RMS continuous power. It has 4 inputs including a mic input, and a fast analog 10k pot remote volume control

Note: This unit comes with a power supply.


  • World’s thinnest power amp, only 1 inch (2.5 cm) thin! Can fit in behind modern flat TVs, under tables or any other tight spaces.
  • Two channel stereo model for front on-wall and in-wall speakers.
  • One of the most efficient (up to 92%) class D power amps, no fans, no special ventilations needed; most reliable; EnergyStar qualified.
  • Full array of 4 inputs including 1 bal/unbal input, 1 wireless mic receiver input, 2-line inputs; all 4 inputs mixed to eliminate switching needs and pops
  • Separate line gain and mic gain (independent from volume to prevent feedbacks)
  • Remote 10k pot volume control for instant changes and ultra-fine volume adjustments with infinite number of steps
  • Mute control for emergency PA duck
  • Rack mountable, under-table mountable, above-projector, behind flat TV mountable metal enclosures

Why Use This Product?

This power amp would be used anywhere a powerful, yet small amplifier would be needed and can conveniently be hidden out of sight after installation. The addition of multiple inputs, including the microphone input eliminate the need for other costly equipment.

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