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Fiber Cable, Duplex, OM3, Plenum

Product ID: CLR-DM3-3P
Fiber Cable, Duplex, OM3, Plenum


This fiber Duplex cable is composed of two strands of OM3 cable in zipcord style with an overall 3.0mm Plenum jacket.

This Duplex cable provides extreme durability and bend, along with increased tensile strength. The glass is protected by a patented polymeric coating, allowing for a lightweight and ultra flexible design. These Duplex cables are compatible with common connector systems for standard 50/125 multimode and 9/125 Single mode fibers.


  • High mechanical strength and superior fatigue & durability
  • Integral coating eliminates stripping, provides glass protection
  • Bend longevity for 10,000X longer life time than normal fibers
  • Increased safety factor due to the incredible bend insensitivity
  • Glass fiber remains protected at all times from the elements
  • Simplified termination process designed for ease of use
  • Ultra low Attenuation loss on tight bend radius
  • Exclusive 250um Soft peel jacket identifier


Inter-building and intra-building voice or data communication backbones requiring 3.0mm jacket diameter. Install in ducts, underground conduits or aerial/lashed.

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