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Celerity, Universal Fiber Optic, DP, Rx, 6ft

Celerity, Universal Fiber Optic, DP, Rx, 6ft


CELERITY UNIVERSAL FIBER DisplayPort (RX Connector Cable)

Note: The Celerity Universal Fiber Optic DisplayPort Cables ship complete with both TX and RX connector cables. Use this RX cable for a replacement or extra if needed.


  • RX Connector Cable for use with Celerity UFO DisplayPort Only
  • Plenum Rated and UL Certified
  • Up to 21.6 Gbps Data Rate
  • Supported Resolutions: 8Kx4K with use of 4:2:0 or VESA Display Stream Compression


Extra or replacement connector cable for use with the Universal Fiber Optic DisplayPort cable product.

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